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Blossom Savage

Transformational Trails

"Blossom is a wonderful coach. She was very patient and caring with me. She has the ability to get to the root and bring your awareness to that space."                          Kristen B.

About Blossom

I am both a Licensed Certified Equine Gestalt Coach and an Equine Facilitator.  My passion is assisting others through Gestalt Coaching and partnering with horses. I value assisting others in using my experience and trauma-informed training to guide them on their unique path to living a balanced life, fueled by their desires and visions.  I bring insight, compassion and empathy to my clients. I have been gifted with many opportunities and challenges to find the most positive path towards health and healing.

I partner with horses because they are innately intuitive and sensitive to our conditions.  They help tell me and the client how to become more authentic and self-aware.

As a Licensed Equine Coach, I provide one-on-one coaching with women and men who want to grow out of past traumatic experiences that have them trapped.  We all have these experiences, things like relationship trauma or health trauma that can get in the way of feeling whole.   The coaching sessions range from a specific 1 ½ hour experience to a series of sessions.  They typically involve working with a horse in a private confidential setting.

One of my specialties is working with caretakers who have family members that have special needs. Whether it is the parent or siblings or extended family members; everyone needs to learn how to take care of themselves first; so they are able to help another. I’ve learned firsthand how important it is. I want to assist others who are finding it difficult to do so.

As an Equine Facilitator I give workshops and hold events for businesses, families, and nonprofits.  This half-day or full-day experience provide an opportunity for engagement, trust building, and a more successful group dynamic.  There is much more about this on my web site.

“The greatest good you can do for another is not just to share your riches but to reveal to him his own.”                                              Benjamin Disraeli



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