Graduate & Certified Practitioner Support

The Touched by a Horse® Equine Gestalt Coaching Certification program provides strong graduate support resources

EGCM Association

The EGCM® Association is an organization made up of EGCM® Certified Practitioners and its purpose is to uphold the principles upon which the EGCM® program is based. Program graduates serve on the EGCM® Agreements & Ethics board to protect the values, integrity and ethics of the EGCM® program. 


Marketing Community

Our graduates are eligible to participate in the TBAH® Marketing Community, which meets on a regular basis. This offers graduates the ability to share marketing successes, challenges, tips and ideas. This is a free community designed to help graduates conquer setbacks and achieve lasting results in their coaching practices.

Website Resources

One of the keys to establishing a thriving EGCM® coaching business is creating a strong online presence. We provide our students with guidance and other resources to assist with their success in this area. Once a graduate has a website, they are eligible to be listed on the Touched by a Horse® website.

Facebook Community

The Touched by a Horse® Facebook community provides significant value to our graduates. Ideas and celebrations of successes are shared throughout the community. This global network of human “herdmates” supports, nurtures and reminds graduates, many who are in business for themselves, that they are not alone.

Opportunities to Attend Our Annual Summit Event

The annual Touched by a Horse® Summit Event continues to grow in size and importance to the graduate community. Nationally known keynote speakers offer students and graduates valuable insights on the latest trends in coaching, marketing, and other areas designed to support a successful coaching career.

One of the most valuable aspects are the presentations by graduates who have highly successful practices as coaches and who are eager to share. The graduation ceremony rounds out the event. Summit is held in the second half of September each year.

Continuing Education

We provide ongoing training and support to our graduates. We follow the philosophy of Constant and Never Ending Improvement (CANI), and continuing education is a requirement to maintain certification. We offer our graduates opportunities to take special courses and training from some of the industry’s leading minds in business, personal development, professional development and equine science. Additional certification options are also available in both Gestalt Coaching and Equine Studies.