About Touched by a Horse

What Makes Our Equine Coaching Program So Unique?

  • Based on Gestalt principles
  • Comprehensive
  • Transformative
  • Flexible
  • All levels of horse experience welcome

Gestalt: The Pursuit of Wholeness Through Experience
Horses are Master Gestaltists

Based on Gestalt Concepts


The aim of Gestalt work is to develop greater awareness, find your truth and express your authenticity. Through Gestalt sessions, our graduates have done their personal work, have shifted in how they are in the world and are ready to sit in the presence of pain in others.


Our program is recognized as one of the most rigorous and comprehensive in the industry. Upon certification, you will have been trained in the Core Competencies of equine knowledge, human dynamics and Gestalt principles, somatic and intuitive insight, coaching, workshop facilitation and business development. The program also assists you in determining your own coaching business niche and how to market to your target population.


Not only will the Certification Program train you to be a skilled coach, it will leave you forever changed. Our graduates consistently report that one of the most powerful outcomes of the program is the depth of their own healing and personal transformation. Most program graduates experience a greater sense of self-acceptance, genuineness, responsiveness, and empathy – all characteristics of highly effective coaches.

The TBAH Equine Coaching Certification® Program Accommodates Students with a Variety of Backgrounds with Horses

  • There is no prerequisite of experience with horses to apply to the program.
  • What’s more important is the calling you feel to explore the human-horse connection, especially if you have a strong background in other competencies central to success in the program.
  • Our students range from those with life-long, extensive experience with horses, including formal training and horse ownership to those that have little to no horse experience.
  • We offer an optional program, Equine Studies 101, an 8-day immersive certification program that provides hands-on experience with horses.

The TBAH Equine Coaching Certification® Program is Flexible

  • We recognize our students have other responsibilities as they pursue their equine coaching certification.
  • The program is uniquely designed to be adaptable, with multiple options offered each year for the in-person workshops.
  • All class calls are offered as recordings on the student online learning website.
  • Students can complete the program at their own pace. Some students choose to take longer than 24 months.




A Dedicated Staff and a Campus Designed for Learning

Our friendly staff is here to help you at all points of your journey!

Our dedicated campus is located in Elizabeth, Colorado. The Touched by Horse campus is spread over 40 plus acres with two horse barns, a heated indoor arena, a store, a student center, and three yurts for onsite stays.

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