Equine Facilitator™ Program Details

The Touched by a Horse® Equine Facilitator™ Program Graduate is Ready to Add Income to Their Equine Business

Enrolling for Fall 2024!

Classes begin October 1, 2024. Call 303.440.7125 to enroll or request an info packet using the button below.

This program gives you 18 Equine Mindfulness Experiences mapped out for you and ready to offer in private sessions, add to your group meetings or add to a retreat as well as create single or multi-day workshops for families, business teams or other groups including:

• Horses, Emotions and Energy

• Raising Production

• Reflective Views through the Equine

• Living in flow

• Obstacle Courses

• Angels and Horses

Plus 12 More!

Mindfulness Through the Magic of Horses — Earn your Equine Facilitator License in 9 months and launch your new facilitation business immediately!

This program does more than show you how to use mindfulness experiences as tools — it teaches you how facilitate true human development through contact with horses and then create a lucrative facilitation practice around your knowledge and the wisdom of your horses.

You will learn …

How to Add Group Workshop Facilitation

to Your Equine Offerings

“Workshop” Design

How to Facilitate Group Workshops with Horses

Equine Group Facilitation Safety

Marketing and Selling Group Equine

Mindfulness Experience Workshops

Speaking and Promotion of Mindfulness with Horses

Melisa’s infinite wisdom around the horse’s essential gift!

You Get …

Three LIVE Zoom Classes with Melisa each Month

Online Course Dashboard with Class

Recordings and Additional Training Videos

3 Zoom Intensive Trainings (9 to 4 PM mtn), Demonstrating the Experiences

Permission to use the 18 Equine

Mindfulness Experiences as a Facilitator

Facilitator License to use the 18

Experiences and Visual Badge for Your

Marketing & Promotion

“Wow and I grateful I chose to join the first group to learn the tools to add Equine Facilitator to my resume. As I am a graduate of the EGCM and the GCM it was important to me to add more experiences to my toolbox. I will be adding many of the experiences to my groups, and have the opportunity to add a different depth and grades to my work. My speciality is addiction and many times a client might not be ready for deep process work, yet they will still find insight and strength through being in the presence of horses. The Equine Facilitator program is a worthy and important step to widen and complete my Master Gestalt Coaching Program. I recommend this program Highly.” — Kathy Slagter
“It was a last minute decision for me to take Melisa Pearce’s new 2022 Certified Equine Facilitator Program and I am so GRATEFUL that I decided to sign up!! It will be a WIN WIN WIN for us all! If you are considering signing up for the EQ program I HIGHLY recommend you do!! The lessons I have learned from Melisa in the Equine Facilitator training course will not only keep my business full of a variety of clients, but it will help bring in lots of income by being a Certified Equine Facilitator. I LOVE anything Melisa Pearce from TOUCHED BY A HORSE does and this new EQ course is no exception. If you want a unique and fulfilling career with your horses, sign up for this Equine Facilitator program. You will not be disappointed.” — Kellie Grill
“This course is an incredible jumpstart into the world of facilitation! We learn through partnering with horses, that we can bring people together for experiences that are not only fun, but also educational and deeply meaningful. Melisa gives us everything we need from experiential tools to designing a workshop to business essentials in order for us to get out there and create unique and inspiring events! “ — Kristen Kairos
“As a graduate of the EGC and GCM programs, I wasn’t sure what to expect from the Equine Facilitator program, but knew that anything Melisa put together would be good. Well, it is amazing! While EGC is a combo of horses and gestalt, and GCM is pure gestalt, EQ is pure horses and business. It has definitely added way more to my coaching toolbox for groups, whether families or organizations, without going into deep process, but still leading to huge awareness and outcomes. My confidence in working with large groups is no longer in question…I have clear cut directions for what to do, as well as a sound business plan for how to attract them. It is a great addition to the Touched by A Horse programs already in place, or a great way to start as an equine facilitator.” — Dawn Mathis

“The EQ Onsite Camp was amazing – and as one of my herdmates stated – this Camp helped to embody and solidify the work. I currently do not have my own horse, so the hands on was very helpful and gave me confidence. Melisa is also helpful with suggestions of how we can partner with potential sites. What I also LOVED about this camp was that Melisa was VERY present and encouraged our feedback and questions throughout the camp. The people who attended were GREAT – a wonderful group, a herd to call friends….Melisa continuously calls forth the most heart-centered, interesting people to her offerings… This was an enriching experience and I would highly recommend it to anyone who takes this Course” — Dawn Mathis

“I had the pleasure of being a student of Melisa Pearce’s inaugural Equine Facilitation Program which began in April 2022. This program has exceeded all of my expectations! Melisa delivers on her promise to teach you 18 different workshop activities that you can use with families, small businesses, and even larger corporate groups. Melisa generously shares her expertise with horses, facilitation techniques, and how to work with all different types of people and groups (and horses)! In addition, she is the ultimate businesswoman and mentor, giving you everything within this program that you need to establish your business and confidently market and conduct your own workshops.” — Cheryl Greene

A Message from Melisa

This program is right for you if …

You want to touch human hearts through the magic of horses.

You love sharing the wisdom of horses with individuals and groups.

You are called to learn more about human and equine behavior, relationships, and communication.

You want a solid income stream involving personal development in your new or existing equine business.