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Michelle Rider/Horses Changing Hearts

I, myself, have personally experienced the amazing healing power of horses when dealing with issues of the heart, mind, emotions and the spirit. Whether it's depression, trauma, relationship issues, grief/loss, or other issues, the equine gestalt experience is transforming.  After several years of counceling, I decided to try something new, and I was so glad I did.  It changed my life.

Horses have the innate instincts to help you determine what it is you need during the sessions.  And, after all these years I still find it astonishing, and amazing, to behold the powers my horses have in knowing what my client needs are in the present moment.

Keep in mind, because these sessions are uniquely individualized for you, I use a variety of activities in my gestalt sessions here at Horses Changing Hearts.  Each of my sessions are individually tailored to fit your individual needs. My job is to keep you in the present moment. It is you, and the horse, who do the real work in the healing process.

You, my client, are the captain of your journey, and I am merely the navigator during the healing process to help guide you towards peace with yourself and others. When you finish your session here at Horses Changing Hearts, you leave with a new perspective about yourself, your issues, and your life.  This new perspective is what allows you to be able to show up in your life in new and sustainable ways. Ways you never thought possible. This is the healing power of equine gestalt.

Horses Changing Hearts. There is Hope. There is Help. There Are Horses.  

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