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Tracy Wood

Hi, my name is Tracy and I am a born and raised farm girl with routes in agriculture that run generations deep.  I have experienced the day to day life on the farm since my birth.  The excitement of newborn life, harvesting bumper crops, family field meals and all the beauty that living on the prairies offers.  With the joys I have also experienced the sorrows…the loss of livestock, devastating droughts, crippling snowstorms and financial losses that seem so huge that you fear this could be the last go round.

The stresses of life on the farm & ranch can weigh heavily on the mind, body and spirit of these stewards of the land.  My goal is to serve the agricultural community in a way that supports farmers, ranchers and their families who find themselves struggling, lost or stuck in life. To know that it’s ok to ask for help and for someone to care for them. After all the years of caring for their livestock, the land and their family the horses & I will provide a safe and supportive space to heal, grow and cultivate their new beginning.  My goal & hope is for these men & women who feed the world return to the land, the livestock and the families that love them, stronger, braver and healthier than ever before.

Why Horses?

The horses are deeply connected to our humanity and are natural Gestaltists. They see deeply into our souls and their hearts can reach places we ourselves do not know how to find.  The sheer presence of these gentle beings can bring us to a genuine place of healing, creating space for us to cultivate new ideas and ways to live a more centered, fulfilled and joy filled life.  They are my true partners in the gestalt coaching process.


Touch of Equine is located at the Manitoba Bull Test Station, a short drive east of Brandon, Manitoba, Canada.  The Station is situated on a scenic piece of prairie land. Peaceful & picturesque the farm is the perfect place to exhale and settle into your healing journey.



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