Meet the Practitioner


Tiffany Sedorus

Happy Hooves Oasis

The trauma we hold onto from deployments and grief can manifest in ways we can’t always explain especially when we try to bury it and pass it off as “I was doing my job to keep the world safe.”

I am Tiffany of Happy Hooves Oasis in Prairie, ID and Mountain Home, ID. Having been deployed myself and held onto to the anger and grief surrounding loss of loved ones, fellow soldiers, fellow entrepreneurs, and parts of myself, I know the struggle of coming home. I have spent my fair share of time in a therapy chair, on medication, and out in the field with my horses to try and make sense of my life and my experiences. The place I felt the safest and the most at home was in the pasture with my animals. I knew it couldn’t be a one-off experience and I was right.

When I was introduced to Touched by a Horse, I knew I had found exactly where I needed to be and the right people to come with my on my healing journey. I graduated as a Certified Equine Gestaltist in 2021 and jumped right into the Master Equine Gestalt certification in 2022.

My goal is to assist as many active duty and veterans, and their families, as possible in the transition home from field exercises and deployments. I specialize in moving through grief and finding joy after major loss and gaining clarity and understanding in where people want to stand in our world. Major life transitions affect everyone at one point or another and can be carried forward outside of our awareness. My place is to help shine a light on those transitions and help work through them to arrive at everyone’s truest version of self.

I apply the therapeutic modalities of Gestalt in individual and group settings as well as retreats, workshops, and VIP intensive days. You don’t have to navigate life’s major hurdles and losses alone. Happy Hooves Oasis offers the safety and serenity to turn surviving into thriving. I have created the place I wish was available when I came home from Iraq.

Give me a call or check out my website for upcoming events, a tour of the farm, or a free phone consultation to see if my horses and I are the right fit for your healing journey.


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