Meet the Practitioner


Siera Schenck

Four Winds to Freedom

A safe, non-judgmental place to find freedom, connection, and joy.

About Siera

I grew up as an over-achieving student, daughter, sister, and swimmer. The teen that wanted to meet everyone's expectations, fit in, and feel loved. After graduating college and while working my full-time finance job, I found myself back on the pool deck as a swim coach. This is where I developed my love and passion for coaching teens.

Why Horses?

If you have ever been around a horse and left feeling more at ease, more grounded, or more centered, it's because they are simply magical. As my co-coach, my horse partner is able to clue me into things within my client that I may not have seen otherwise. As my teacher, Melisa Pearce, says "you'll never forget what a 1200 lb animal taught you."

Who do I work with?

My heart and soul love working with teens. The teenage years can feel confusing, exciting, lonely, and full of expectations. These are the years it's important to have someone they feel safe with to open the cap on the bottle and let everything out. To have someone they know will see them, hear them, and support them. That's me!

My message to you:

I see you. I hear you. I respect you. I honor you.