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Monica Hendrix | Spark Equine

“Eternal optimist, recovering perfectionist, and true believer in human potential.” 

My mission is to facilitate healing opportunities that empower individuals to explore the root of personal barriers, let go, and allow the fire that burns deep inside to emerge. It is through this synergy of mind, body and heart that we experience our truest self and the freedom to live healthier lives in authenticity, deep connection, and joy. I am driven, both personally and professionally, by the belief that when people are healthy – mind, body & soul – the world will change.

Through the EGC Method I am able to partner with the amazing healing energy of horses to help individuals increase their awareness of the underlying “stuff” that is holding them back. Rather than the more traditional talk-therapy approach, the practice provides an intensive, experientially-based process using Gestalt techniques to create a deep, somatic, mind-body release.

When these experiences and feelings are given a safe opportunity to be acknowledged and released, rather than quieted, shoved down and stored — we become free. Horses see right through us. They are intuitive, present creatures by their very nature. As prey animals, it is what helps them read the world around them and survive. That means they can “see” us — our truest energy, unspoken beliefs & emotions — before we even see (or acknowledge) it ourselves. This is their gift… this is how they help us heal.

Who Do I Work With?
I am deeply committed to helping those who have made it their life’s work to help and serve others. The method is a powerful one for anyone seeking their own transformational journey, and in particular I specialize in supporting first-responders, women in leadership, and healthcare providers.

I am driven to work with men and women (and their family members) in high-stress career fields where vulnerability and emotional expression are discouraged and failure is not an option. The fiercely independent individuals who have a tendency of putting others first, have equated achievement with self-worth and a pattern to succeed/keep grinding at the cost of their own wellbeing. Those who have begun to realize that the strategies that have always worked for them are now getting in their way. They want to strip off the masks they wear and discover who, and what, truly lies beneath. They are seeking to release the stress they carry home from the workplace and reignite a sense of freedom and joy in their daily lives. They crave more balance, to be more present in the moment, more connected to their loved ones, and less self-controlled, but in the moment, they struggle, not knowing how to trust, let go and just “be”.

In addition to being a licensed Equine Facilitator ™ and certified Equine Gestaltist®, I am a California Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. I have worked with youth, young adults, families and organizations in the social services, education, and behavioral health fields for over 20 years.

Spark Equine offers an array of services, including customized, private individual, couples, and group sessions (with or without horses), workshops, retreats and coaching packages.

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