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Kristen Burton

I am Kristen, an Equine Gestaltist™, Medical Practice Administrator, Human Resource Professional, and a breast cancer survivor. I have been involved with the horse world for more than 15 years, having horses of my own, volunteering in the disciplines of eventing, dressage, and therapeutic riding for children.

In July of 2020 I received the news that I had breast cancer, I did not have time for this, I took immediate action to remove cancer from my body so I could get on with my life. My surgery went well; however, the healing process was slow and complicated. These complications forced me to slow down, take time to heal and allow my body to do the work it was meant to do. Throughout this journey I felt as though I had a deeper purpose, something more to give to the world.

Enter Touched by a Horse®, in the fall of 2021 I was scrolling Facebook, on my feed came a post from Touched by a Horse®. I did a little research, spoke with a local Graduate of the program, and discussed this with my husband, this is what I was looking for. I began the program in January of 2022, becoming an Equine Gestaltist in January of 2024.

After two years of intensive, trauma informed training in the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method™ guided by our Mentor, Melisa Pearce, I am ready to serve my community with this amazing transformational method. Going through this training helped me to see horses in a unique way, one of mutual awareness, compassion, and appreciation, as well as gaining awareness around my own emotional field.

A few things that aided me in keeping my sanity through COVID and my breast cancer journey were; my horse, my yoga practice, and the support of my family and friends. Partnering with a Horse provides many gifts to us as humans, providing a grounding safe space, allowing us to look inside and become aware of our emotions, the horse can help to clear out the negative emotions surrounding the traumas in our lives. Horses are ever present, willing to work with us on an emotional level, allowing for healing, and personal growth. Gestalt works on the same principles. Gestalt holds the belief that each person has all they need within to gain a peaceful, joyful, fulfilled life. My job as an Equine Gestaltist™ is to aid my client to bring awareness into the present, to allow you to unpack the emotions and leave them in the arena dirt. It is possible to remove the reactive emotions and see the trauma with a sense of completion and peace around it.

A Pivotal Shift, LLC

My clients are breast cancer survivors who have the desire to become empowered to find inner peace, achieve personal growth, embrace responsibility for their actions, and cultivate a positive mindset. I am dedicated to guiding my clients towards a fulfilling life of purpose and success.

I invite you to join me in the presence of the horse so you can create your best life.

In Peace,


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