Meet the Practitioner

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Julie Meyers

Hi, I’m Julie Meyers, owner of Serenity Horse-Equine Gestalt Coaching, located in Longmont, Colorado. I partner with horses on various ranches in other parts of Colorado as well.

Gestalt allows us to look at what is wreaking havoc in our lives today, go to it’s source, and heal it. No longer do unhealthy patterns from the past have the power to run our lives. Often this can be done in just a handful of sessions.

I can do Gestalt sessions at your location or mine, partnering with your horses or mine, or without the horses if that is your choice.

This work must be experienced in order to be truly understood.

I specialize in deep process work with:

-women who had their sexual boundaries crossed in childhood to move from trauma to freedom; to wake up confident and stand in their truth.

-women who have exited toxic relationships.

-couples who desire a truly unique way of understanding themselves and each other.

I especially love working with those who have children, so they can show up as healthy parents and their children can be raised in happy, emotionally healthy homes.

Before coaching, I spent 18 years as a 4th grade teacher. Many of the negative patterns that we acquire as children did not come solely from our parents but from our grandparents and their grandparents. Some patterns we can see clearly, while others are hidden under deep layers that the horses and I will help you to uncover, discover and transform.


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