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Jennifer Field


Warrior Equine is in response to My pursuit of Freedom and the Formula that got me there and how it can work for you too.

Revealing your passion and leading to success in all facets of your life that you choose.

High performance sports, success in business, personal relationships, parenting, traveling/living around the world with your family and all that entails. The joy and the survival.

The secrets that my lived experience have taught me and how horses have been in my life the whole time like rainbows with their promise of freedom.

Hey all! I’m Jenn Field. I live in Saskatchewan, Canada. I am married to my supportive husband Jake. We have three kiddos. I grew up with horses. There was a short pause from owning horses while we experienced other countries for 23 years. Most recently, 7 years in Iraq. 14 different countries, 5 continents, a million air miles, and our time in the oilfield transitioned into new beginnings. There was a great journey and story in coming back to the excitement of owning horses, the realization that life situations and trauma caused a paralyzing fear in me that was showing through by being around horses. Then, the daily journey back to confidence, and being shown the amazingness of horses, how highly intuitive they are, how healing they are. There has been great freedom found here. Through all of this and the release of lightning bolt moments and strategies I found my power that was there all along! I was reminded that. like the horses, I have that innate capability also! I know that this is what I have been “training” for my whole life, and I am excited to see where this continues to lead!

Warrior Equine's vision is to make an impact by creating a safe space for healing and community. For people to be heard and seen. Our vision is to provide a connection Back to The Original Design through awareness of the answers you already hold inside.

Our message is the world will change when people become aware of who they are at their Original Design.

The mission is a move toward freedom. I am an example of moving forward from searching for happiness to finding joy!

To know what calm in the chaos feels like. The peace that passes all understanding!

From searching to the beautiful freedom of knowing.

I am speaking from lived experiences.

Horses have divinely given gifts to offer us. Ignited joy and revived freedom in each moment through unconditional love.

Horses have zero judgement, and I am honored to partner with them!

I am honored to share the Formula For Freedom that my lived experiences revealed to me and guide you in your pursuit of freedom!


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