Meet the Practitioner


Horse Sense Healing, LLC

Hello! I am an Equine Gestaltist™ and as of March 2022, dually certified as a Master Equine Gestalist™. My personal journey has been that of growing grit with grace through life struggles and transitions, and lessons of self-reliance, co-creation, and personal growth. As a recovering protector of others, fixer, rescuer, people pleaser, I spent much of my life in search of my own ‘okayness’ at my own expense. In other words, I danced (in the world of labels) with co-dependency and a lack of confidence in myself. While I learned a lot about myself through years of being in and out of talk therapy, I still found myself making the same choices over and over again. They came in different packages, but the same choices all the same. What worked was the deeply transformational healing I received during my certification with Touched by a Horse.

During my 18-year career in public systems, I worked directly with and for individuals, groups, and families in the fields of Child Welfare and Public Health as a trainer, counselor, mentor, educator, case manager, and investigator. Throughout my career my gift has been my ability to truly hear, honor, and engage others, many of whom have experienced multiple disempowering life challenges, pain and traumas, including child abuse and neglect, domestic violence, substance abuse, and codependency.

I hold a lifelong, deep belief and trust in the inherent capacity and potential of the human spirit to heal and to be whole. My deep belief that healing and wholeness can occur without a lot of fuss and re-living the story fits perfectly with Gestalt, Co-Active Coaching and Horses!

Today, I am living my true purpose, partnering with horses assist humans heal emotionally and spiritually. Together we assist humans, adults & youth, to find freedom from old stories of lack, limitation and pain and empower and inspire others to create stories of possibilities, of courage, confidence and to fully living their Grit with Grace™. I love feeling inspired by being fully alive and supporting others to do the same.