Meet the Practitioner


Adrienne Primrose, EGC

Everyone deserves to wake up feeling joyful and full of life knowing just who they are.

Adrienne's love for horses has taken her to this very moment in life. Although she only was given the opportunity at 40 to have a horse of her own, she has always felt in her heart the magic they offer. Adrienne believes Equus has a direct connection to source and by partnering with them in her gestalt practice anything is possible.

Adrienne and her Healing Herd say that all you need to do is show up as you are, with a willingness and an open heart to all the possibilities that you will be blessed with. Yes, that’s it. Adrienne and her herd will hold you safe in their sacred space to explore all of who you are. You will become aware of old patterns, some maybe not even yours, that are no longer serving you well. You will find compassion for yourself and others and be empowered to move through life freer, more present, being your most authentic self.

Through every struggle is an opportunity.

I have some important words just for you: I can’t possibly know the pain you may have experienced in your life. It may have been filled with disappointment, frustration, grief, and the hopelessness of each overwhelming day. Perhaps, you have felt the heartbreak of pain and loss of self in a way similar to mine. I don’t know why we sometimes must endure such a painful journey or why we must go through such struggles in this life. But I do know, no matter where you are now, that one day you’ll be able to look back and realize how your journey was incredibly worth it. Life is a gift, and you deserve to enjoy your life every single day.

Working with the horses I will empower you to take control of your life. We will explore all aspects of your life together and learn what’s stopping you from getting the results you desire.

Remember, you are an amazing and beautiful person. You deserve to do more than just exist in this world…you deserve to “BE”. - Adrienne Primrose, EGC