Meet the Practitioner


Clemma Dawsen

When I met Melisa Pearce in 2009, I was suffering from a traumatic brain injury (TBI), post concussion syndrome and Complex Post Trauma Stress Disorder (C-PTSD).  I could no longer ride and had grown afraid of everything, including horses, who were until then my working partners in my profession as outfitter and guide in the Pacific Northwest. When I met Melisa, I wanted to be her client; instead I became her student. That was over a decade ago. My journey through childhood trauma, injury, fear and utter loss of self confidence to private practice as a certified EGCM®  coach included leaving the west and resettling in Vermont.  Throughout my life, my horses have always come to me at the right time, for the perfect reason. My equine partner, Rosebud, is an American Mustang mare, born in the wild and rescued from a killbuyer’s pen. Rosie showed up after my beloved Appaloosa Bee died, when it seemed I couldn’t bear another day without a horse, there she was. We’re polar opposites: Rosebud’s the introvert, I’m the extrovert; she’s the thinker, I’m the feeler. Both of us are pranksters and we love people. I believe magnetic force literally drew us to one another. As a team, we bring our force field of clarity and intuition to our clients as they identify and clear “unfinished business” from their lives, regain stability and find peace.