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Cheryl and Remy

Cheryl Pierce

I say I have been around horses since before I was born, I was in my Mom’s stomach while she tended to the horses.  Horses were my best and truest friends, and horses saved my life…period.
I grew up in the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, CA in the 70’s and 80’s I spent much time alone on the back of my horse in the hills.  I did not understand any of the science or woo woo nature of the horse then, I just knew it was the only time I felt really at peace.
I was a Valley Girl, by definition of the 80s movie and attended the Animal Studies Biological Sciences / Zoo Magnet at North Hollywood High School. I have worked since I was 13, during the summers and after school till I graduated.
During the 90s I worked as an Investigator for a Private Investigative Company mostly tailing suspects for Workers Comp Cases.
I became a Domestic Violence Victims Advocate in the Los Angeles Police Departments D.A.R.T. program.  It was healing for me as I had been a victim myself.  I enjoyed working together with the D.A.R.T. Officers and the camaraderie within the department.  I was testing with several police departments during this time, and made the decision to not pursue this line of work as I ultimately decided I was not comfortable with the possibility I could be in a situation to take a life, no matter how justified it may be.  I still loved the thrill of investigating.
I decided to work in security, in the private sector and spent five years in Retail Loss Prevention.  I then worked for Twentieth Century Fox in Corporate Security and had the pleasure of working closely with many departments in the course of my work there.  I was a Reserve Officer with The Los Angeles School District Police Department during this period as well.
I took a few years off to take care of sick parents and made a move to the Boulder County area of Colorado. I was a Property Manager in Boulder, Colorado for over 8 years and currently work for Touched By A Horse in Elizabeth, Colorado.

In 2018 trying to find a way to share with others, the amazing connection I had always felt around horses, I found Melisa Pearce’s program for Equine Gestalt Coaching at Touched by a Horse. It was quite literally the road map to everything I was unable to articulate and more that I even knew was possible.
I graduated from the EGCM Certification Program in 2020 and the GCM Certification program in 2022.  I am a dual certified Master Gestaltist™.
I believe in the Butterfly effect. I am passionate about offering my service to First Responders and I feel a connection with them and understand the bond they share.  If the work I do touches one First Responders life and they are able to unburden their unfinished business, I know all the other people they come in contact with will be positively affected.  Asking for help is brave, there is NO shame in it and …Equus is listening, and so am I.


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