Meet the Practitioner


Cassandra Johnson–Grazing Gratitude

Cassandra Johnson is an excited Graduate of the Touched by a Horse program.  She is located in Madison, WI and enjoys a variety of things in life.  She has a background in Marketing/Property Management.  Her passions are Scuba Diving, traveling and horses.  She has traveled to all different parts of the world while organizing Scuba Diving trips.  When she hit a roadblock in her career, she sought out a Graduate of the Touched by a Horse program.  She was so happy with the positive change and growth she experienced while doing Equine Gestalt work as a client, that she entered the program.  Horses really are intuitive creatures and they offer amazing healing opportunities to all that are open to receive.  Cassandra truly found a new sense of gratitude to all the challenges she was encountering so she named her business Grazing Gratitude (while watching her lesson horse graze in a field).  You will get to meet her beautiful and charming horse, Jasper.  Jasper is energetic about meeting new people and is so loving while doing the work with them.  Cassandra specializes in Holiday and Travel coaching but is definitely there to guide you through anything that is on your heart.