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Candice Ensign – Live Your Crazy

Candice Ensign is a coach, speaker, published writer & entrepreneur. She coaches top leaders nationwide and is a source of inspiration to equip others to realize their purpose, find their voice and unlock their unlimited potential. In a world where conformity reigns, Candice is a trailblazer for those looking to rediscover themselves.

Candice has a deep, profound love for horses and uses her passion to rescue and rehabilitate these beautiful animals. But, most of all, Candice is devoted to raising awareness of the incredible gifts they can give beyond being ridden. She began this mission by founding her successful non-profit organization Journey with Equus in 2015. Candice's lifelong fascination with horses stems from her childhood experiences; she was gifted her first pony at three years old. Despite facing many challenges as an adopted child and enduring bullying through elementary and middle school, she kept strong and confident thanks to the unwavering support of her parents and the transformative healing power of horses.

Candice pursued this belief in adulthood by becoming a Certified Equine Gestalt Practitioner with Touched by a Horse. This allows her to combine horse rescue with helping others rediscover themselves, regain self-confidence, and love and lead themselves. Candice is an inspiring role model who uses her knowledge and experience to help create meaningful connections between humans and horses!

Candice is an empowering guide whose passion is helping people find their inner strength and courage. She specializes in aiding those who feel lost, powerless, or disconnected from their true selves - leading them on a journey of internal growth and rediscovery. By partnering with her rescued horses, she helps others unlock their potential and gain self-confidence. Through her dedication and encouragement, Candice helps people move towards a future filled with greater purpose and positive energy. Candice and her horses genuinely transform lives, one person at a time!


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