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Annie Young | Sawubona Ranch

The trauma of having a child that struggles, whether it is medically, emotionally, or physically, is real and it can affect your whole life.

I am Annie Young, of Sawubona Ranch in Littleton, Colorado specializing in helping parents reconcile the overwhelm, worry, and fear in a way that minimizes the stress on the family unit while maximizing self-compassion.   Prior to becoming a Certified EGCM Coach, I worked as a Pediatric Dietician and therefore fully understand the challenges parents endure as they endeavor to help their children overcome obstacles.

I apply principles of Gestalt in customized Individual Sessions (with or without a horse), Group Sessions and Coaching Packages to meet the needs of each client.  I will walk beside you as you restore, renew, and revitalize yourself.

Living your best life as your best self is possible and can start at Sawubona Ranch.  You are invited to join me in a free consultation call to discuss if partnering with me and my horses will benefit you and your family.

While you consider the coaching sessions I offer, please take a look at my website and blog articles to further understand my philosophy and specialties.   I look forward to hearing from you!


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