Meet the Practitioner

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Alli Caraveo

Restorative Strides Equine Gestalt Coaching and Retreats 

An experiential path to wholeness 


About Alli

Alli is stay at home mom, wife, entrepreneur, first generation rancher, published author and lover of all things antique with a soul for helping. Her natural ability to hold space and intuition play a big part in guiding clients to their answers and revelations. She is active in her community, serving on the school board and volunteering with the booster club. 


Why Horses? 

Horses have always been present in Alli's life, holding space for her as she walked through  life changes, abusive relationships, loss of her father to drugs and eventually suicide, as well as the bumps and bruises that come from living. Horses have never told her to be less than or more than she was in the moment. So when she came across the Touched by a Horse™ program, she knew she had found her calling. Horses had seen into her soul and helped her to look deeper within herself. Alli is honored to partner with rescue horses as they help humans set down their pain to be carried away by the wind on their path to wholeness. 


Alli enjoys working with women of all ages that have walked through deep disappointments. When a disappointment has rocked a woman to her core and knocked her off course, it can be hard to find the way back. She could be living in a shell but look like everything is ok. She could be raising kids and going through the motions but has never actually slowed down to ask herself what her favorite color actually is. Perhaps, that dream of landing that job never came to fruition because life got in the way. These disappointments color a woman's view of herself and her life. As you step into a session with Alli and her horses, you will be able to let down the walls and explore what your soul truly craves.