Do You Hear the Whispers of Equus?

If you’ve always dreamed of a career where you could partner with horses to create a better tomorrow for people, you’ve found your way to the perfect future. The Touched by a Horse® Equine Gestalt Coaching Certification Program includes everything you need to become a successful entrepreneur in your own coaching business. The program is very flexible, but has limited enrollment to keep class sizes small.
Equine gestalt coaching Melisa Pearce and her gypsy vanner horse coaches

The Equine Gestalt Coaching Method was Created by Melisa Pearce

Melisa Pearce is the founder of Touched by a Horse® and the creator of the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method™, the Gestalt Coaching Method, and the Equine Facilitator™ Program. She has spent her life with horses and  has been a leading figure in the horse-human healing movement since the late 1980’s.  Through thousands of hours in the presence of her equine companions, she developed a deep awareness and intuitive understanding of the emotional landscape of horses. While they’ve served humankind in every way over the centuries, Melisa believes that horses’ true purpose on this planet is to heal.

Melisa has also been a practicing psychotherapist, Master Coach, and Gestaltist for more than thirty years. She has combined this expertise with the healing gifts she saw in horses to develop the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method™. Now in its 15th year, her certification program has graduated nearly 250 coaches, who provide equine assisted coaching to clients all over the world. Melisa is also the author of several books, including her most recent – “What the Heck is Gestalt” (2019) – a user friendly and comprehensive guide to Gestalt.

Equine gestalt coaching Melisa and her horse Pri

How it Works


Equine Gestaltist:

3-5 Hours Per Week

Equine Facilitator:

1-2 Hours Per Week

Course Length


2 years



9 months



Weekly online classes


Three weekly classes each month


Class Size


Under 15 Students


25-150 Students


The Equine Gestalt Coaching Method®


Equine Facilitator Method (No Gestalt)


In-person workshops, calls and online


Virtual training, 3 intensive online trainings, and an optional in-person workshop

Both the Touched By A Horse® Equine Gestaltist™ Certification Program and Equine Facilitator™ Program consider the horse as an integral partner in the coaching process. In the course of your training, you will directly observe how the horses participate in coaching sessions and the deep healing value that they offer.

While many of our students are experienced horse owners, this is not a requirement for our Equine Gestaltist program. We insure that you have plenty of experience working with your horse partners prior to graduation.

Horses as Your Active Coaching Partners


In-Depth Training on Developing a Successful Coaching Practice



To insure the success of our graduates,The Touched By A Horse® Equine Gestaltist™ Certification Program covers all aspects of becoming a successful entrepreneur, including identifying your niche, marketing your business, creating your website and even developing your elevator pitch! We make sure that all graduates are not only fully prepared to be a coach, but a successful entrepreneur as well.


The Touched by a Horse Certification Program is a powerful, deeply transformational experience that has changed the entire course of my life for the better. This program is not just about learning new skills. It is about lasting personal change; a positive shift from the inside, out.
— Dr. Bethany Piziks
BraveHeart Gestalt Coaching



“Becoming an Equine Gestalt Coach has been the most amazing journey. As an EGC coach, my equine partners and I now have the honor of using all I have been taught to guide others to discovering their personal journey.”


— Kathy Slagter
One Neigh at a Time



“This program not only provided me with superior skills, it also led me through a personal transformation. It helped me to create a vision that, with Melisa’s guidance and continued support, has become a reality. That vision is reflected in my passion for bringing a voice to my equine partners and to those I coach.”

— Jaclyn Manzione, Xanthus Equine Gestalt Center


 The EGCMethod Explained

What makes our Gestalt Method effective and unique:

  • Based on Gestalt principles.
  • Experiential nature of the method offers lasting results.
  • Considers the horse an active partner in the coaching process.
  • Studied and proven efficacy.
  • Professional graduate pracitioners.

Click on the video to learn more and then follow the link below.

“Our lives are shaped and seasoned by unforeseen circumstances. Our being human means we choose our own responses and reactions to them, often maturing as we grow. Through friendship and with guidance, our own truth is formed as we step into our destiny. Horses can be our dearest guides and most profound teachers. Horses can be the sweet trusted confidants on life’s journey. Blessed are those who experience the whispers from a horse’s heart.”

—Melisa Pearce

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