Capstone Abstracts

The Power of Co-Coaching with Horses

by Marcy WaeltiThat Zen Farm, LLC Introduction: This Capstone identifies Equus as an active partner in the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method®. Instinctually, the horse knows how to co-coach and be fully engaged in the Gestalt process. This narrative describes how a horse...

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Asking Instead of Demanding

by Tiffany Sedorus Happy Hooves Oasis Introduction: This capstone project examined the power of conversation versus expectation and the ability to change the traditionally one-sided relationship between horse and handler. Significance: Analysis of the above comparison...

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My Body is My Story

by Evie Rose, Voices from the Scars Introduction: This capstone project examines the power of somatic awareness, coupled with Gestalt, and their collective ability to change how I interact with my clients and in everyday life. Significance: To accentuate the impact of...

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