Meet the Practitioner

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Jessica Hauschildt

Untethered Hearts


Why I Chose Horses & My Credentials to be Your Coach

I am a graduate of Colorado State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Equine Science.  I have trained horses professionally for well over 20 years.  I coached numerous youth and amateurs to the world show level.  For the past 13 years I have rehabbed and restarted high risk Thoroughbreds off the track. I have started more colts than I could ever count and continue developing my skills as a perpetual student of the horse.

I am a graduate of the Touched by a Horse Certification Program where I spent two intensive years learning how to blend Gestalt Coaching along with my life experience, insight and horses. This experience has provided me with a powerful toolbox to meet you where you are in your process and see you through the steps to your freedom and empowerment.


The EGCMethod® employs Gestalt methodology. Gestalt is the concept of addressing the whole individual. Gestalt coaching seeks to bring your awareness to the things your body, mind and spirit are seeking. YOU KNOW, deep inside, the answers to what you need, right here, right now. Gestalt — aided by myself and the horses — guide you through the discovery process.

The result is a true inner healing followed by empowerment. 


Horses live in the present moment. They don’t look at you and see your past, or know your future. They only know your now. Horses offer you the gift of moving into the present moment step-by-step and then walk alongside you as you find your footing on the path to healing.

My Work with Teens

Okay, I’ll admit it, “I love working with teenagers!” There, I said it! When so many would rather skip over the teenage years, running for the hills as adolescence begins to move in, screaming in terror, I run headlong towards these kids!

I have heart for working alongside these incredible individuals, supporting them in their quest to increase their skill set, adding arrows to their quiver and stocking their tool boxes through the work we do with our equine partners.
I receive the humbling gift of observing as these teens discover their own personal resilience as they learn to weather life’s storms with grit seasoned by grace, stepping into the world as more healthy, whole, young adults.

My Work with Women and Divorce

I walked a fiery, hellish path that flared with fire balls of unknowns and what-if’s!  I felt alone, hopeless and helpless at times, as though I was the only person to navigate such a dangerous path, consumed by flames, blanketed in heavy smoke that masked the destruction all around me.  I don’t want anyone in a similar situation to feel as alone and hopeless as I once did.

I have a heart for those who have lost their voice in this world. For those who have lost all hope in ever breaking free from a narcissist’s deeply embedded talon like grip on their minds, hearts and lives.  For those feeling buried beneath the debris of the devastation and trauma of divorce. You may feel alone, you may feel desperately trapped, however I am here to tell you, you are never as stuck and trapped as you believe yourself to be and you are not alone.