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Sonya Brown


My name is Sonya. I am located in the beautiful Flathead Valley in Kalispell, Montana. I feel very blessed to find myself living in such awe inspiring surroundings; as well as knowing that I have found my calling as an Equine Gestaltist. My whole life my talent has been helping others, and being compassionate, and now I have the training to truly help!

Are you feeling invisible, lost, and unsure of who you are? All you know is that the person you used to be doesn't "fit" anymore.
This could be because of a life change (children getting older, or even moving out, or any other life transitions), or maybe because you are young and you are learning and growing into the person you want to be, or because the gender you were born in does not match the gender identify as, or even yet, maybe it's because you find yourself wanting to grow and change; you know there is something more out there for you. There is an even better version of yourself that you can reach.
Whatever your reason Khanfident, and I would love to help you find your clarity, truth, as well as assist you in finding and honoring your feelings and truth. We can't wait to assist you in beginning the next chapter of your life. The one where you feel at peace, loved, and secure.

I chose the name Roots And All because not only do we get to the root of the matter, we also address all the ways the matter has branched out and affected our lives so it does not "grow back."

We offer a safe and caring environment for all, and offer a variety of groups, as well as offer individual sessions.
We can't wait to assist you in developing your clarity and peace through the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method.

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