Meet the Practitioner


Nelle Rogers


Horses have been showing up for me throughout my life, often at times when I lacked direction, had a broken heart, or didn’t have words to put to my feelings. It has been in the powerful presence of horses that I have been able to heal my heart time and again – through my parents’ divorce as a young girl, the loss of my mother to cancer in my early twenties, and later through the loss of my marriage. By sitting as a client in gestalt sessions alongside horses I have been able to clear up much of my own past trauma so that I can show up to guide others through the pain of grief and healing.

Seahorse Healing is a culmination of my many life passions – building healthy, supportive community in an alternative outdoors setting where I can share my love of horses with others. To guide you on your path is the greatest honor.

In coaching sessions, horses offer valuable non-verbal and non-judgmental feedback, mirroring your truths, sometimes physically nudging you away from old thoughts and patterns that no longer serve your highest good. They are truly another coach in the process, offering vital information to you, the client, and to your human coach.

Each session is unique to the individual client’s life story and needs. Above all, it’s my job as your guide to make sure each session takes you to a place of deeper self-compassion. Through the experiential gestalt process we will examine the challenging areas of your life. We will explore them through a new lens so that you leave the arena lighter and with fresh perspective.

Why the Seahorse?

There was a time in my life when I found it practically impossible to hold onto short term memories due to a series of traumatic experiences, but memories from ten years ago were alive and vivid. It was as though my mind couldn’t bare to engage in the present moment, too much pain, too much to process.

At this time I discovered the relationship between two parts of the brain – one the shape of the seahorse known as the hippocampus (the keeper of memories and learning), the other the amygdala (our home for processing feelings). During trauma the amygdala swells, amplifying our emotional fields. As this happens, its partner the hippocampus shrinks in size and ability, creating a deficit in our ability to learn and retain new information.

The hippocampus is the keeper of memories, easily wounded during trauma, also renewable with time and healing.

So began my draw towards the seahorse as an incredibly personal symbol of hope and healing, one I am called to share with others along their individual journeys.

Horses will welcome you and set you at ease during your sessions at Seahorse Healing. They offer support, non-judgment, and gentle guidance. You will be surprised by how they show up for you and how clear they are in making sure you understand their messages.