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Cali Brown

I’m Cali Brown an Equine Gestalt Coach and founder of Conscious Effects Coaching Ltd. Graduate of the Touched By A Horse certification program based in Elizabeth, Colorado. My husband and I have a passion for horses and helping people feel mentally, physically and emotionally clear and uplifted, so they can experience true authentic success with peace and gratitude. Although we have always known that horse’s possess therapeutic qualities,  we have only recently discovered the true magnitude of their innate healing abilities.

I've enjoyed 11 years and present as a hairstylist/esthetician, concentrating on people's outer beauty. I owned Studio X Salon Inc in Maple Creek, SK and now rent a chair at Fringe Beauty Bar. I had created Studio X in the past so people could come in and feel safe, welcomed, loved and beautiful. What I could not achieve in the salon was long lasting beauty that people felt past their salon visit. Today is different , and now with the techniques and experiences I have acquired through the Touched By A Horse program, and my life, I am now shifting my focus to the beauty that lies within and that’s where the real transformation is. A fresh cut and color can do wonder’s but the beauty that radiates from a person when their soul is glowing is something that I can not explain, but can only be seen or felt. On my spiritual journey of awakening, my energy and state has changed in a positive way. With that shift I now look and feel different. I experience life in a much more present, peaceful, rich way. I want others to be able to experience that shift in themselves, however that may look for them. Those who are interested in the guidance of our services will discover that we are deeply caring and committed people. We look forward to supporting you in your journey to wellness, and awakening your true authentic self so you can discover your own peaceful and happy success in life.

My husband Slim,  our 4-year-old son Hudson, and 1-year-old son Beckham, live on a cozy acreage with our golden retriever “Rah”, horses, cats and chickens. We also raise cattle, helping with the family ranch located in the beautiful Cypress Hills in the southwestern corner of Saskatchewan. Raising our boys has been the biggest gift and experience for us. Slim manages the Midwest Surveys office in Maple Creek and is the President of the Ag Society, as well as an amazing and supportive dad and husband. Slim’s true passion is working as a Professional Pickup man at rodeo’s. We travel across Canada as a family with our horses working for Macza Pro Rodeo. I love watching him in unison with his horses and the stock he is working with. The friendships and experiences we share at the rodeo, preparing for the rodeo or on the way to and from, are sacred and cherished. Slim trains all our horses from start to finish and is always learning and practicing to become a better horseman, as others in the industry know, that is a never ending journey. We believe and know that self awareness and being conscious of the energy of yourself and your horse are the missing ingredient to the success of horse and rider together. Our horses have brought us together and continue bringing us closer, helping us grow . I am very grateful for the way our life has changed and is coming together and we are excited to see what is yet to come and grateful for the now.

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