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Cheryl Shiloh

Cheryl Hill | Above the Spurs

The trauma experienced from childhood divorce, cancer and broken adult relationships can trickle through every area of your life with unseen consequences, and leave you completely stuck, not knowing where to turn.

I am Cheryl Hill, of Above The Spurs, in Franktown, Colorado specializing in helping both teens and adults navigate the tumultuous waters of relationships/divorce and cancer. I can guide you to healthy ways to navigate these pathways, overcome the trauma, find purpose/direction, and joy once again! I know what it is like to live and be faced with these day to day challenges..every..single…day! If this sounds familiar …

I offer customized, individual Private Sessions (with or without a horse), Group Sessions, Workshops, and Coaching Packages to meet individual client needs. I apply the principles of Gestalt to help you uncover the blocks, release the pain, and find your own wings to soar!

Prior to becoming a Certified EGCM Coach, I have been an educator for over 20 years working with teens, in addition to being in the Health and Wellness industry for over 15 years, and overcoming both cancer and divorce.

Life is short… and being stuck is no way to live! I invite you to work with me…and my beautiful horses who show up every day…without judgment.

Still have questions? Contact me to set up a free consultation call where we can discuss how working with me and my horses can benefit you…and potentially your family!


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