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Chelsea Doolittle

I grew up in a small mountain town, the youngest of four in a broken yet blended family with deep entrepreneurial roots. This is where my love for animals, nature, and nurturing others began.

Over the past twenty-two years, I've owned and operated a Massage Therapy business for both people and animals. In 2018, I added Mindpower Coaching™ to my services, followed by Equine Gestalt Coaching™ in 2023.

My passion lies in empowering individuals to release and heal their past, helping them discover the answers within themselves to BE, DO, and HAVE more in their lives.

My life's mission centers around making a positive impact on as many people and animals as possible.

- For people, to become their authentic selves and move from surviving to thriving.

- For animals, to be seen, heard, and respected as the sentient beings they are.

If you sense that there's more to life than your current experiences, my equine partners and I eagerly anticipate aiding you on your healing journey, guiding you back to wholeness.

Let's initiate this journey together through:

  • Personal 1-1 sessions, with or without horses
  • Group workshops, with or without horses
  • Woman’s Retreats


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