Meet the Practitioner


Amanda Soper Equine – Co-Active Horsemanship Coach

Horses have been my guiding light and dearest friends for over half my life. My soul horse Molly, has led me on the journey to finding my authentic self and finding my true path- helping people find soul deep connection with their Equine partners.

In Co-Active Horsemanship Coaching, I lean heavily into the Gestalt.  We focus on healing for both horse and human with compassion, connection & hope.  Joyful Wholeness is the desired outcome.

Often, the baggage in our personal lives can become roadblocks with our horses and with other relationships in our lives - we work together to clear those blocks so you can step into your authenticity with joy.

As a special niche, I love to work with people who are brand new to horses and are seeking a gentle and kind way of being with them, however anyone seeking a better way to enjoy our equine partners is welcome!