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Confidence and zest for life start by finding your inner voice. In this episode of Touched by a Horse, we share how to find your inner voice and unlock your life.  

One of the biggest challenges in getting sober is finding yourself on the other side. In this episode of Touched by a Horse, we talk about how to find yourself after getting sober.

It’s hard enough to sort through our troubles as adults, but troubled kids have an even harder time sorting through their experiences and emotions. In this episode we talk about the work kids go through at The Ranches to help them heal and rise.

Confidence in business comes from wholeness and from wholeness, we can find our true vision. In this episode of Touched by a Horse, we talk about the key to confidence in business.

Work and life can be full of hustle and grind. Left unchecked, our hustle can turn into a need to control everything which in turn creates an enormous amount of stress. In this episode of Touched by a Horse, we look at how to move from controlling to life to peace and surrender so you can live your best life and enjoy the journey.

Equine Gestalt Coaching Method®

Melisa developed the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method®, where there are two Gestaltists present with the client—one human and one equine. Together they provide a therapeutic approach to deep-process emotional healing through the experiential nature of Gestalt work. Contrary to talk therapy, Gestalt work is experiential in nature and offers one of the most efficient means of working with past trauma and finding wholeness.

As of early 2019, there are close to two hundred certified Equine Gestalt Coaching Method® practitioners worldwide from countries as far away as South Africa and Singapore. These graduates, along with their equine partners, help their clients find positive futures and personal happiness. 

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