Meet the Practitioner


Zoe Moraitis

Mindful Harmony Coaching, LLC

As a high schooler, Zoe developed anxiety, depression, and felt constant stress; as many teenagers and people do. She knew she couldn't continue living with those feelings and wanted to find a way to heal and find happiness and a love for life again. Wanting to feel better she went to a traditional therapist for an evaluation session to see if the therapist was a good fit, however, she knew upon arriving that talk therapy was not a good fit, so she searched for something better and discovered Equine Gestalt Coaching. After one session as a client, life started to look a bit brighter and feel a bit less heavy. As she continued sessions she continued to heal, learn, grow and find a new love for life, things she knew would not have happened without being a client of Equine Gestalt Coaching. Upon graduating high school Zoe was a student at the University of Colorado Denver as a psychology major. Again like therapy, she knew it wasn't where she was meant to be. Zoe has always had a passion for horses and helping people, she originally thought a psychology degree was the right path to be able to combine the natural healing ability of horses with helping people until she had a lightbulb moment while sitting in college, "I want to work with horses and I want to help people... I should become an Equine Gestalt Coach!" Since that moment Zoe had been avidly learning and growing in the Touched By a Horse Equine Gestalt Coaching Method program and as of July 2021 has graduated and become a Certified Equine Gestalt Coach and has begun the Masters Gestalt Coaching Program here at Touched By a Horses as of 2023. She is thrilled to continue on this new path in her journey to help people live their dream life as she lives hers.
Zoe has always been drawn to horses and being around them in any capacity; from a young age, she could feel the genuine, healing, and kind energy that they each carry. The aromatherapy of a barn and the outdoors combined with the natural healing ability and in-the-moment nature of the horses creates a calming, safe, and comfortable, healing space. Gestalt is a holistic approach to healing that involves learning to live in the moment, leaving trauma and pain in the sand all while embarking on self-discovery guided by a certified coach and the living embodiment of gestalt, horses. Combining horses with gestalt has resulted in magic healing, also known as The Equine Gestalt Coaching Method.
At Mindful Harmony Coaching, we are passionate about helping people learn to live the life they want for themselves. We partner with horses to assist teenagers and young adults in finding the harmony in their lives through healing their heart and mind. Having gone through healing her mental blocks including anxiety, depression, and stress, Zoe now partners with her herd members, Kort, Boq, Charlie, and Eve to assist others through their mental and emotional healing, trauma healing, and self-discovery in both groups and one on one settings.
Located in Lakewood, Colorado