Meet the Practitioner

Peace kisses

Letitia Watson, Horse Spirit Healing, Costa Rica

"In my lifelong relationship with Horse and three decades of professional coaching, training and exploring possibilities and growth with horses, I've learned, when human & horse hearts entwine, healing happens... I am a witness to the human heart opening and receiving through the generous and loving spirit of Horse. I call it magic, because I can't explain why or how. It just IS. My best explanation is there is no being more kind, generous, giving and loving as Horse. We humans can feel this truth deep down in our bones. Our awe and fascination can quickly become a life long love affair with a love being we call Horse..." Letitia Watson.

About Letitia Watson

Letitia Watson is a 30-year equestrian professional and the visionary and keeper of the Horse Spirit Healing mission to: “create meaningful and joyful connection between horses and humans”. Letitia's passion for bringing horses unconditional love and empowerment to others, blossomed through her lifelong sharing of profound relationships with her own horses. Letitia credits her horses for guiding her life path of learning and teaching Compassionate Horsemanship to those who are drawn to connecting with horses in a profound and meaningful way. She sees herself as their co-facilitator and assistant they as the masters, she their student.

Letitia’s professional journey began as a child... led by horses down a winding path.

“I was raised in the back country of a small Vermont town. It is here that I was blessed to BE immersed in nature and given the freedom to pursue my passion with horses right in my vast back yard. My blessing to be with horses at a young age developed my ability to connect deeply with horse and led me to believe I could create a life, working in partnership, with my Horses. I attribute this vision to my Horses themselves - teaching me and guiding me to believe that with intention, dream are truly achievable. I didn't question - I believed them and we did it - with them, hoof in hand, all the way."

A child's passion of horses…

My horse journey really began at the age of eight when I manifested my first pony into my life. His name was Trigger. I was the only one in my family to have any interest in horses and no one knew enough of the potential perils to limit my freedom . Trigger and I were left on our own to figure out how to get along and come back alive. And we did figured out , through many negotiations, as we explored the rugged green mountains of Vermont. Mostly Trigger did as he pleased and I tagged along. Trigger was a feisty haflinger and quite an opinionated character. He taught me through literal hard knocks and trial and error, to understand the world of horses through the heart and eyes of horse. My love affair with horses launched my lifelong career of sharing the Compassionate Horsemanship way with those who desire a deeper way of connecting and working with horses.

Of course, as all passions do, my horse vision evolved and expanded over time. And I know this was gently and surely guided by the horses at my side. My lifetime of questing for deep meaningful connection with horse, spirit, self and nature led me combine horses with other healing modalities, including energy work, shamanism and empowerment. My journey to discover meaningful connection, freedom and authenticity are responsible for the development of Horse Spirit Healing and all that my Horses and I do to help others achieve the same.

Twenty five years into my professional equine career, I heeded the urging of my horses to understand more about their healing capacities. My horses wanted us to impact the humans they were touching even more. During a 3 week journey, exploring the western United States, I was guided to meet Melisa Pearce of Touched By a Horse. WE met on her Colorado ranch and I learned about her decades of ground breaking, healing work with horses and her EGCM certification program called Equine Gestalt Coaching Method. Melisa’s pivoting work combines practical coaching tools with impactful and effective Gestalt therapeutic methods with an understanding and facilitation of horses innate healing abilities.

Melisa's program approach and the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method resonated deeply with me and I knew was the understanding and skills that my horses had been asking me to find. As fate would have it, I was able to begin the certification program the very next day. I launched into a profound two year journey of personal healing and learning to become a certified Equine Gestalt Coach.

I attribute my greatest life learnings to the horses that have touched my life. I know there is always more to learn and understand with a horse by my side. As a certified EGCM coach my professional career has moved steadily into witnessing the impact of horses on the human heart. My beautiful willing herd effectively assists people to expand awareness, heal life's wounds and access joy and their own heart visions. I am immensely grateful for the guidance of horse on my life's path.

My own healing journey with horses has inspired my evolving Heart Visions. The latest fulfilment is to bring the experience of horses healing gifts in beautiful Costa Rica. My vision manifested the Resonance Ranch, a simple rustic 400 acre farm set next to the sea in Cabuya Costa Rica, now the home of Horse Spirit Healing and a special horse herd. The power of this healing "Blue Zone" vortex, a tropical paradise next to the sea bringing a joy and a beauty found in the magnificent simplicity of this land. For 25 years I have retreated here to Cabuya to immerse in it's healing properties. And now I am blessed to bring our vision of the horses gifts on this land and to share Horse Spirit Healing with you.

How the Costa Rica Vision Unfolded

On January 1, 2020 I stepped onto Costa Rica soil. Once again, I felt the same familiar relief, yet a tentativeness in the mysterious and unknowningness of my intentional leap. This time, my plunge into Costa Rica, was not just one more blissful Costa Rica healing respite from my real life. This time, I had no intention of ever going back to the States ‘for good’. This time, I was intentionally seeking a land that felt like “Home”, another first step in creating a 25 year Horse Healing Vision into a reality. This time, I was determined to trust my Heart’s Vision, beating sure and true inside of me, urging my flip flopped feet to follow…. heart first, feet second.

A vision of living a simpler life, all the time, in the natural beauty and magic of Costa Rica.  A Vision creating, with special Horses, an opportunity to Retreat and Experience Joy, Peace, Connection and Healing with Horses in Costa Rica. A vision of Horse Healing Journey’s, experienced, in this rich tropical paradise teeming with it’s own healing properties of water, air and nature. A vision of combining the power of this Pura Vida Land with the power of Horse’s Unconditional Love - inspiring Joy in deep connection with Horse, Spirit, Land, Sea, and Sacred Intention. 

​A beautiful vision… all in good time..., when all is ready and the time is right....  My feet landed lightly, as I took that first curious and hopeful step off the plane, on day one of 2020. 

As I breathe in the warm soft air of Costa Rica, some months later, it is with a knowing that the time I was waiting for all these many decades, is Now.  My vision path of trust has manifested the beautiful Resonance Ranch, next to the sea in my most favorite place on earth in Cabuya, Costa Rica and 6 beautiful horses who have accepted the invitation to join me on this Horse Healing Journey. Even in the midst of the wonder that I see all around me, I at times wrestle with staying in trust and warding off fear when it comes knocking or even crashing in and staying fast in my intention of following my flow and inspiration.  I am learning what following my own flow even feels like and to be inspired, instead of worried, by all the unknowns on the curvy path in front of me.  

As a mom of a recently launched only daughter, who is testing her own wings of freedom, I share our new freedom and authenticity to BE! Yet going with my own flow is a practice in listening and trusting and following. For I have life-long qualifications, and practice, in building and creating, with hard work, endurance and sacrifice. And yet, I long for a softer, gentler way. Can I really follow my joy and trust that all will be well… all in a divine timing, truly believing All is Working out for Us!?  And yet Faith and trust is what I yearn to know, deep down in my bones. Do I nurture my trust and faith when I follow the rhythm of my own heart, expanded in Joy?  Yes! Love is the answer!

Each of us have a knowing of what fills our unique souls.  For me, my journey has been one of Love.  Thus, my lifelong romance with Horse is no surprise. For they are my most compassionate Love & Intention teachers. So here I find myself once again, on a unique Love Journey with graceful Horse, guiding me with faith and trust to discover Love Within and all Around. I look forward to sharing more of this magical journey with all of you here at Resonance Ranch in Cabuya, Costa Rica.