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Kelly Dukarski


A Nature walk through self discovery

About Kelly

As an Equine Gestaltist, Kelly believes that the horse-human connection is a vital way of living, as well as healing. She is a lifelong horsewoman, practicing herbalist and dedicated horticulturist, with a deep understanding of how nature is a reflection of our innermost yearning to connect.

Steeped in knowledge gained from over two decades of practicing natural horsemanship, Kelly combines her connection with horses together with the healing power of Equine Gestalt and the restorative beauty of nature to deepen your connection to all things Wild and Wise. Through this connection you are able to gain clarity around your values, heal from past wounds and re-discover the beauty of who you are.

She is dedicated to helping women blossom into their most authentic selves and embrace the wild beauty of life.

Why Horses?

Horses embody Gestalt, present and entirely in the moment. Time spent with horses encourages us to become more connected to ourselves, the world around us and to nature itself. By fostering these relationships we learn to live in sync with the rhythm of nature and to trust our intuition and resourcefulness.

I believe that horses offer us an opportunity to be seen for who we are with no judgement or criticism. Allowing us to free ourselves from the feeling of being stuck, lost or wounded. Working alongside these beautiful beings is a gift that we only need to slow down and let go to receive.

Who do I work with?

I work with Women who are ready to explore the parts of themselves that have been forgotten, pushed away or kept at bay. Bringing these into the light in order to honor who they are and reclaim a true sense of self.

I help women re-discover the beauty of who they are as they reconnect to their values, heal from wounds they can not see and reclaim the life they were mean to live.

My work is steeped in the belief that nature holds the key to connection and healing. Through this connection we find clarity and begin to trust our inner knowing and intuition.

A Wild Omen offers 1.1 Coaching, Phone coaching, Women's workshops and Retreats. Blending herbal self care rituals into client experiences as well as nature bound seasonal practices to deepen the experience.

I also work with teen girls in group sessions designed to inspire, empower and connect them to a stronger sense of self. Nurturing self esteem, positive relationships, healthy boundaries and creative expression.


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