Meet the Practitioner


Hertha Lund

Four Horses For Wholeness

About Hertha:

After a near death experience, more than 30 years on a spiritual path studying the mystical tradition of the major world religions, and practicing law for several decades, I turned inward towards deep healing as a means of finding wholeness. My path to wholeness led me to healing retreats with graduates of the EGC program. After attending those retreats and experiencing the movement towards my goal to heal so I could live in the present to serve others, I decided that I, too, wanted to partner with horses to coach others. I have always loved horses and found solace and greater connection to Source when I am with horses. My coaching style is to provide a safe space and deep support so my clients feel free to explore places they have previously shied away from. My husband and I live on a ranch in Lennep, Montana with four horses, many cows, several cow dogs, barn cats and the abundant wildlife that shares the landscape with us.

Why Horses & Gestalt:

Horses and gestalt together create a natural, sacred, and supportive healing space for all who are searching for wholeness. It is my goal to inspire a revolution of personal wholeness as a means to collectively heal the many places of dis-ease inside and outside of us. We do this one person at a time – one soul at time finding their reason for being and living from that place.


It is my niche to work with others who also want to find their reason for being through the path of wholeness. I work with those who have lost loved ones to suicide, or who have suffered other deep wounds through life. I believe the only way to make the world a better place is for each of us to heal ourselves first. When we find our wholeness, we can serve as a touchstone to hear others in pain and be with them in ways that allows them to find their resolution and freedom.