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Carrie O’Neal

            Equine Gestalt Coaching  Method is a blend of Somatic Awareness, Nuero -Linguistic Programming, Positive Coaching, and Gestalt Methodology. Gestalt means “wholeness” . It refers to unfinished business brought into the clients awareness to finish and leave behind so that the client can move forward in their choices and create a positive future. The horses have an acute awareness of the clients’ energies and can give me feedback as the client steps into their heightened awareness. The Co - Active Coaching that I do believes the client has the answers yet they may be just outside of the client’s awareness.  It is my job to shine a flashlight so to speak on the parts that have been left unaware and allow the client to heal with self-compassion.

 My niche is teens navigating the pressures of high school and those experiencing grief and loss.  I have the training to address trauma and abuse as well or simply shifts in life that we all face.

            I have studied for the last two years with Melisa Pearce, the founder of Touched by a Horse and the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method. I am currently in a two-year graduate program with the same school expanding into a deeper knowledge of Gestalt.

            I am a firm believer that God has placed these magnificent animals in our midst to help with healing. Horses have no judgment and they see us- what better support is there? They have stood by us in war, sacrificing themselves, in grueling journeys, and in endless labor, sustaining us for centuries. A higher   healing power runs through the hooves of horses.

I get to work with the natural backdrop of the Colorado Rockies, in one of the most beautiful places in our nation.

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