Meet the Practitioner

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Kirsten Kairos

Kirsten Kairos (KK) is a lifelong volunteer, world traveler and lover of multiculturalism. She has enjoyed life listening to the call of her heart. A working musician at the age of 18, a life of sound and movement practices have helped bring her through a variety of deeply traumatic experiences into a renewed sense of gratitude and a humble wisdom.

Over the last few decades, Kirsten has worked as a Sound Medicine and Movement Guide, Doula, Bodyworker, Advanced Autism Caregiver, Certified Grof® Breathwork Facilitator and served 4 years as Volunteer Chief of Staff and Project Manager for the Chiricahua Apache Nation. Sound, sensory awareness and a love for exploring both the outer and inner wilderness have always been an essential part of the journey for Kirsten, enriching her education, creativity and self-awareness. Through her unique set of life experiences, she cultivated an understanding of the profound importance of holding a safe and sacred space for those being birthed, those moving toward end of life, those abandoned or left outside of the Circle or those seeking necessary change. Helping others heal from old wounds that often create feelings of immobilization or stagnancy has become one of her highest callings. Now a graduate of both Equine Gestalt Coaching® and Equine Facilitation®, Kirsten is honored to stand with her extraordinary equine partners to offer multifaceted support to those in southern West Virginia and the neighboring regional communities.

Kirsten specializes in empowering women, who feel lost in grief, overwhelmed by circumstance or are longing to find their authentic voice. She honors the caregivers, who have given so much in support of others and invites them to find renewal in the living waters of being held and heard by the herd. She strives to create a connection of reverence between non-Indigenous and Indigenous communities with greater understanding, acknowledgement and respect, and she supports her LGBTQ+ and two-spirit sisters and brothers. Inclusivity is paramount to her practice and her life's path.

"Come as you are. Bring your rough edges. Let’s dance with your darkness. My horses and I will walk with you as you discover your authentic desire, your innate light and a newfound freedom." ~ KK


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