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Bonnie Bordonaro

Soft Place to Land, east of Strathmore, Alberta, Canada

We all have unfinished business caused by suppressed emotions that are not supported or accepted. This can be unspoken feelings such as trauma, unresolved conflict, grief from loss, past negative experiences, or any other emotions that are holding on from a week ago or a lifetime ago. The unfinished business holds us back from living our full potential right now, therefore, addressing it brings awareness, self compassion and healing.

Many people that live with trauma cling to the hope that growing up will bring freedom and escape from the emotional pain. Unfortunately, you are left with fundamental issues that affect many parts of your lives, and you become a prisoner to the past trauma.

Are you ready to leave past trauma behind?
Is there fear holding you back from discovering who you are without the trauma that has become your identity?
Are you searching for a way to explore new beginnings through awareness, self compassion and experiments?
Are you ready to leave behind the baggage that no longer serves you?
Do you seek transformation of your health and wellness...physically, emotionally, and spiritually?

At Soft Place to Land, we specialize in PTSD, Adverse Childhood Experience- childhood trauma, life transitions, personal discovery, couples and families, teens.

If your ready to move past the safety of your life with trauma, and the fear of who you are on the other side of trauma, please reach out and we can explore the New You today! Come experience the Healing Gift Horses deeply want to share with you!

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